Memories from Israel

Memories from Israel

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    ​This page is intended for those who like to share Memories and experience of their stay in Israel.

    ​If you are one of the MASHAV participants /agriculture trainees or tourists who happened to have visited Israel in your life time, you are welcome to send us stories of your memories in Israel and share your experience with us.We will publish your stories together with others on this page. You can download and complete the form here.

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    "Memories from Israel"



    During my stay in Israel, I have found out that there  is a very important and urgent need to build love among religions. I have discussed the matter with a number of colleagues and we all agree. Als0 we found out that Mashav and AIES is capable of attaining trust and understanding between adults like us of different religions to an extent not to be neglected. I suggested that we should not forget that kind of achievement. It shows that it is achievable to build love among adults of different religions. The only question is how to develop such achievement to the global level. Especially between conflicting  peoples.  

    Before I visit Israel, I thought it is very important to develop Humanitarian Entrepreneurs to reduce greed so that to eliminate  mistrust  and mitigating the causes of conflicts.
    So I told my colleagues that I have been dreaming of Developing Humanitarian Entrepreneurs and finding ways to build Love among Religions. So I told my fellow members of Shalom Club Myanmar the same and suggested them to consider   my  proposed Vision, Mission and Terms of Reference for the Shalom Club Myanmar. Here is my suggestion.…………
    The “think alike group” to build trust and understanding between Myanmar and Israel.
    “Think alike trust building people” to develop world peace and sustainable development.


    To contact all the Myanmar people who have been to Israel and back.
    Get together once a while to built trust and friendship among them and beyond.

     Coordinate and form working groups to implement projects to strengthen ties between two countries to foster world peace and development.

    Terms of Reference to be a member.
    Must be a Myanmar citizen.
    Must volunteer for the membership.
    Must have been to Israel and back with no political nor criminal wrong doing records.
    Could volunteer for the active contact person status.
    Could participate in the implementation of group projects.

    The author of the above article, U Aung Min is a retired and freelance individual helping hand to strengthen coordination between the Government and Civil society of Myanmar. He was in Israel from 24th October 2012 to 11th November 2010 to attend the  MASHAV Course on the "Role of Gender in Water and Development. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to him for this article and sharing his memories on our website.          
    The following photo album is shared by Daw San San Win, Assistant General Manager from Myanmar Inspection and Testing Services Ltd. She was in Israel from 10/2/2012 to 13/3/2002 attending the International Course on “Research and Development on Postharvest Biology and Technology of Fruits and Vegetables”. We like to convey our heartfelt thanks to her for the wonderful photos of her memories in Israel.

    To the Holy Land with Divine Beauties and Diverse Attractions
    Learning that I'd go to Israel to attend the International Workshop on Media Strategies for Social Changes, my mom said she was worried about me as she has heard that Israel is a country of endless wars. At that time, I also thought it might be a country which has to face many conflicts and challenges every day.
    On the 19th of July 2012, I flied to Tel Aviv via Bangkok. It is the very first time for me to travel abroad alone. But, I was not that afraid since Mr. Yaron Mayor, the former Israeli Ambassador to Myanmar, gave me a recommendation letter and other necessary notes to be used in case of any security inquiries and problems.
    Stepping out of the Ben-Gurion Airport, what I noticed first was the unique landscape and architecture of the Middle-East country. On the train along the way to Haifa, I found that the landscape of the country is much similar to that of our upcountry arid regions. Dry and hot, but the Israeli people are totally different from the climate of their country. They are very warm and hospitable. I realized it on the very train to Haifa because an Israeli woman explained me everything about their railway system and about Haifa where I would have to stay for nearly three weeks.
    The first day in Israel was quite weird to me because the very first meal I had was a bowl of mysterious salad, a dish of  unknown meat and some unpeeled big potatoes. But, I loved it as it was a new experience for me to explore the strange things about this country and its people.
    Just like other short-term international courses, our workshop was filled with tight schedules and long but interesting lectures. But, all of us were very happy on the weekends as we were taken to many historic and religious places as well as popular tourist attractions around the country including the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, Masada National Park, the Dead Sea and the Holocaust Museum.
    We all were really amazed by the superb architecture of the ancient religious structures, the beautiful costumes of the Israeli people and their fortitude which makes their country powerful in spite of its small size. I came to vividly realize that very point during our visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem to receive some lectures. And, we also had a chance to enjoy delicious lunch at the Ministry together with the responsible persons of the political bureaus.   
    Doubtless, a visit to the Holocaust Museum also known as Yad Vashem on the same day gave me many interesting memories of the victims and heroes of the holocaust. It is a vast complex of museums, outdoor monuments, exhibition halls, archives, a library, and other resource centers in Jerusalem. We all couldn't help appreciating the amazing architecture and great display of the museum. One more thing to give credit is our guide, a smart Jewish lady, who speaks perfect English and has a detailed knowledge of the holocaust history.
    Regionally and internationally recognized as one of the most popular tourist attractions and the national shrine of Israel, Masada National Park took our breath away when we paid a visit there. The word Masada means Fortress in Hebrew, and it was the last stand made by the Jewish Zealots in their revolt against the Roman Rule. Excavated by the Israeli archaeologist Yigael Yadin in 1963-65, Masada National Park is a great reminiscence of the glorious past story of the ancient days. To say frankly, a visit to Masada National Park is the most special experience to me while studying in Israel.
    My three-week stay and studying in Israel gave me a lot of valuable chances to expand my horizon of knowledge and to make friends with lovely and smart people from different partsd of the globe who are really kind, helpful and hospitable. All of them are clearly superior to me in terms of both professional know-how and international experience. But, they all encouraged me to make my dreams come true by telling me about their stories and how they have come proficient in their respective professions.
    Thank you dear friends, thank you MASHAV, thank you Israel.
    Size doesn't matter at all!
    The above story is shared by Soe Thu Ra, supervising translator and presenter from Sky Net Media who went to Israel to attend the International Workshop on Media Strategies for Social Changes from 20th July to 10th August 2012.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful story, Soe Thu Ra!