Israeli bestseller “The Soul Bird” by Michal Snunit, translated to Myanmar language

Israeli writer Michal Snunit in Myanmar

  •   Israeli bestseller “The Soul Bird” by  Michal Snunit,translated to Myanmar language
    As part of the framework and the events celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Israel and Myanmar, the Israeli embassy in Yangon has initiated a special education project.
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    This project’s aim is –promoting reading among young children in Myanmar.
    The Israeli Embassy acted as a bridge between Israeli Children‘s Books and the children of Myanmar. With the blessing of internationally renowned author- “Michal Snunit”, the embassy has aided in translating the book from Hebrew and redesigning it.
    The book will be introduced during the writer’s participation at the “Irrawaddy Literary Festival 2014, Mandalay Kuthodaw Pagoda, between February 14th -16th”.
    As part of the project’s next stage, the Embassy of Israel will donate thousands of the book’s copies to schools and public libraries throughout the country. We believe that this humble donation on behalf of the “People of the Book” will contribute in promoting reading habits of the young generation in Myanmar.

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