65th Independence Day of the State of Israel

65th Independence Day of the  State of Israel

  •   65th Independence Day of the  State of Israel: 60 years of Friendship
    On April 25th 2013, the Embassy of Israel in Yangon is celebrating the 65th Independence Day of the State of Israel in Inya Lake Hotel, Yangon.
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    H.E. U Myint Swe, Chief Minister of Yangon Region Government was among the guests of honor in the occasion along with the Mayor of Yangon, H.E. U Hla Myint, Minister for Border and Security Affairs, H.E. Col. Tin Win, H.E. U Soe Min, Minister for Agriculture ,H.E. U Nyan Tun Oo, Minister for Electricity and Industry from Yangon Region Government Office. Heads of the Diplomatic Missions in Yangon along with the deputies, defense attaches as well as heads and members of United Nations organizations and Non  Government organizations and invited guests from Business Associations and Cooperation, Media and Cultures participated the event. H.E. Hagay Moshe Behar gave the opening remarks emphasizing the fact on the 60 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the State of Israel and Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
    Ambassador ‘s  Speech for the 65th Independence Day of the State of Israel
    H.E U Myint Swe Chief Minister of Yangon Region Government
    Dear colleagues, friends, and distinguished Guests ,
    I am proud to celebrate Israel's 65th Independence Day with you tonight.
    65 year ago, in 1948, the Jewish People completed their long journey - returning from over 2,000 years in the diaspora, to their Home Land, promised by God to Abraham the Patriarch,
    in the Covenant of the Pieces.
    Since that day we have been struggling to secure our freedom and Independence. Unfortunately even today, there are extreme regimes and terrorist organizations that are not ready to accept the existence of a free, secure and independent Jewish State.
    Our response to those is simple, and was most clearly expressed in a speech given by a notable and wise statesman that declared…
    "Israel was not created in order to disappear—Israel will endure and flourish.
    It is the child of hope and home of the brave.
    It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success. It carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom."
    Despite those threats, in only six decades we have made remarkable achievements. Through creativity and innovation we managed to transform barren deserts into flourishing fields and pioneered new frontiers in science and technology.
    We built a vibrant society based on a strong and stable economy.
    Evidence to these abilities and successes, is reflected even the nicknames linked to the name of our country.
    Today, in the beginning of the 21th century – we are worldwide recognized not only as the State of Israel but even more…as the Startup Nation.
     Ladies and Gentleman;
    Despite the geographical distance, Israel and Myanmar share a lot in common:
    Historically, both of our nations represent ancient civilizations, rich and diverse cultures.
    In modern times, we gained our Independence after the end of the Second World War, in the same year and from the same empire.
    But this coming year is very special to the long and lasting relations between the State of Israel and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, since we are celebrating 60 year to the establishment of the diplomatic relations between the 2 countries.
    Those relations, which started in the early fifties, were highlighted by the historic visit of your first prime minister U Nu to Israel, followed by the unforgettable visit of our legendary Prime Minister - Mr. David Ben Gurion.
    Over the years we preserved this special relations and friendship. We shared our knowledge, innovation and technologies in many fields such as Agro-technology, Water treatment, Health, Education and many more.
    More than a 1,000 interns from Myanmar public and private sectors (including N.G.OS) participated in the courses, seminars and studies, organized by Mashav- Israel International Agency for Cooperation and Development.
    Furthermore, the knowledge and skills archived in those different courses make an important contribution to the emerging civil and democratic society in Myanmar.
    Today, like the entire international community, we encourage and support the reforms that are taking place in Myanmar, and I am totally confident, that the cooperation between our countries will expand in many more fields and benefit both people.
    Ladies and Gentlemen;
    This reception event was chosen by us as the inaugural event of this 60th anniversary.
    Therefore, I am delighted to invite you to enjoy the fine Israeli cuisine, prepared by the Dan Tel Aviv Master Chef - Oved Alfia.
    This talented Israeli chef, came especially for this event - as a Joint venture between the Federman Israeli group (that in the early 60th managed this hotel), the Inya Hotel and The Israeli Embassy in Myanmar.
    Finally … allow me to invite you all to join me and raise a toast on behalf of the State of Israel.