Business Visa on Arrival for Israeli Citizens

Business visa on Arrival

  •   Now available for Israelis: Business visa on arrival
    As of February 1st 2013, Israelis can receive their business visa upon arrival to Myanmar, without having to visit an embassy prior to their trip.
  • ministryoftourismwebsite:www.goisraelcom
    In order to enjoy this simplified procedure, you must land in Myanmar carrying the necessary documents and payment, and approach the “visa on arrival” desk at the airport. Within a few minutes, you will be issued your business visa.
    You must bring with you:
    -          A letter of invitation from Myanmar company
    -          The Myanmar company’s registration document
    -          US dollars (clean and not folded or crumpled)
    Before your trip, always ensure you are up to date with the most current regulation and requirements. For the full details, visit the website of Myanmar’s Embassy In Tel-Aviv.