1896 - The historical visit of the President of Israel Haim Hertzog to Tonga.

    1987 - The King of Tonga, Tupou the IV pays a reciprocal visit to Israel.

    2000 - The Director of the Tongan Foreign Ministry, Mahe Tupounina arrives to Israel in order to attend a course.

    December 2007 - The King's son Tupou the V visits Israel.

    September 2009 - Again visits Israel after he is officially crowned as King.

    March 2011 - King Tupou the V's last visit to Israel two weeks before he passed away.

    March 2011 - Ambassador Shemi Tzur presents his credentials to King Tupou the V.

    April 2011 - The Speaker of the Knesset of Israel, Mr Reuven Rivlin pays an official one-day visit to the Kingdom. On behalf of the State of Israel the Speaker makes a large donation of medical supplies for the treatment of diabetes to the Tongan Ministry of Health.

    November 2011 - Visit of Tongan Parliamentary Delegation to Israel.

    February-March 2012 Private visit of King Tupou the V to Israel.

    February 2012 - The donation of soccer equipment to young athletes by the Reagan Milstein Foundation.

    August 2012 - The historical visit of the Tongan Prime Minister, accompanied by the Ministers of Education and Health and also the CEO of the Prime Minister's Office. During this visit they met with the Israeli Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and President Shimon Peres. The delegation toured the laboratories and the Medical school at the Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem. Experts from CINADCO (the Centre for International Agricultural Development Cooperation of Israel's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), showed them a demonstration farm and greenhouse.

    November 2013 - Ambassador Livne presents his credentials to King Tupou the VI. He also met with the Deputy PM, Minister of Health and CEO for Agriculture, Food, Forrest and Fisheries. During his visit he presented the Minister for Sport with a donation of soccer equipment from the Reagen Milstein Foundation.​