President Peres opens industrial high-tech park in Nazareth 23-Apr-2013

President Peres opens Nazareth industrial park

    This industrial park in Nazareth is a model and a real investment in the local economy and Jewish-Arab coexistence. It will create jobs in this area and will help keep the young people of the area, from all sectors of society, here and aid the development of Israel's periphery.​​
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    President Peres opens Nazareth industrial park President Peres opens Nazareth industrial park Copyright: GPO/Mark Neiman
    Photo: GPO/Mark Neiman

    (Communicated by the Office of the President)

    President Shimon Peres, this morning (Tuesday, 23 April 2013), officially opened the Industrial High-Tech Park in Nazareth with a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning. After the ceremony President Peres delivered some remarks and conducted a tour of the Amdocs research and development facility in the Industrial Park. The new park in Nazareth in the Galilee, will be a source of employment and economic integration for local residents from all the sectors, Jews, Arabs, Druze and others. The high-tech park is expected to create around 1000 jobs in the coming decade and is expected to include nearly 30 companies.

    President Peres delivered a speech today at the opening ceremony and said, "I would like to thank Stef Wertheimer on behalf of the State of Israel for this unique project. This is a step towards peace and coexistence between all sectors. There will not be coexistence between Jews and Arabs without real equality including all the quality of life of every sector. We will continue to promote equality and be rewarded with a revolutionary change. I do not accept equality only in headlines, I only accept true equality. The significance of this industrial park is quality employment and equality of opportunity for everyone – the park proves that it is not a dream but a reality. This is the best statement for coexistence between Jews and Arabs, it is truly significant, not just empty words."


    Following the ceremony President Peres conducted a tour of the new Amdocs development facility which was the first to open in the new industrial park. President Peres received a briefing from the Chief Executive of Amdocs, Mr. Eli Gelman, and the president took a particular interest in the advanced technology, the manner in which problems are solved and the development of the company. He thanked the Chief Executive of Amdocs for his contribution in an opening a facility in Israel's periphery.