Police Clearance

Police Clearance


    ​Police Certificates are for those who have resided in Israel for a period of time and are required by their government or a foreign institution to provide a certification of a lack of criminal record or involvement in criminal proceedings.

    Under the law, the certificate can not be given to the applicant but rather is transferred directly to the official entity that requested it. You may submit an application to the Israel Police through the Israeli Embassy Consular Section.

    After submission of the application, certificates will be processed (this takes between four and eight weeks). Police certificates will be sent by registered mail directly to the institution that requested it. Inquiries regarding the status of your application to our consular section should only be made four weeks after applying. The police clearance certificate is printed in English and Hebrew.

    There are two ways to apply for a police clearance certificate:
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    Issue Police Clearence Certification
    1. Provide the following documentation:
    1. The application for a certificate regarding criminal information (click here to download), filled out and sign.
    2. For Israeli Citizen applicants will require “Registration for an Israeli Citizen staying abroad” (click here to download).
    3. A photocopy of the applicant's passport
    4. Full details of the authority requesting the certification (Name, Phone and address).
    5. Upgraded Track and Trace envelope.
    6. If you appliaing for Immigration Office, please add your Application number AND/OR ​Client number.

    2. Pay toll charges:

      a) $13 NZ for the Apostille stamp that is issued to the certificate.
      b) $5.5 NZ for courier bag+Track Trace (insted of sending courier bag)
      c)The fee can be deposited via direct or online banking to:
          Account Name: Embassy of Israel
          Bank: ANZ
          Account No: 01-0505-0439510-00
           In the “Particulars” field: please write your full name.
           In the “References” field: please write the word “Consular”.
    3. Provide the consular with the correct documentation by way of A)by Email, B)by post or alternatively C) in person.
    B) By Post:
    Postal Address:
    Consular Section
    Embassy of Israel
    PO Box: 25485
    Wellington 6146
    NB. Please include your contact information (postal address, email address, and phone number) so that our consular section can contact you.
    NB. You will need to mail us by track and trace mail ONLY & include additional courier bag referred to section 4.

    C) In Person:
    i) You must visit during our Consular Services hours:
    Monday to Friday – From 09:30am to 12:30pm
    ii)You must make an appointment with the consular section by:
    Tel : 04- 4399514 b. E-mail: consular@wellington.mfa.gov.il
    iii) Follow security procedure:
    -Please bring photo ID.
    -Every visitor and his belongings will be required to undergo a security check.
    -For security purposes, no personal objects will be allowed into the embassy, including
    handbags, mobile phones and electronic devices.
    -Do not bring large handbags or suitcases to the embassy.
    -Do not bring food and/or beverage bottles or containers.
    -The embassy security directives apply to people in the consular waiting room.
    -The instructions of the security staff must be obeyed at all times.
    When arriving at the Embassy building, please press the button on the right of the elevator bank in order to declare your arrival to security.
    4. Provide courier bag for sending the certificate to the official entity that requested it.
    The courier bag must fit the following requirements:
    a) It must be an unsealed prepaid New Zealand post courier bag, complete with track and trace.
    b) The courier bag must have the address of the institution that your police clearance has been requested by written on the front (so it can be sent directly from our consular to the relevant institution).
    NB. The Embassy will not take any responsibility for incorrectly addressed or ineligible printing on the bag. Be sure to take note of the tracking number. Delays in the sending of your documents may occur if any of the above is incorrect.
    You can not send cash or cheque by mail - You must pay by direct bank deposit.