Local Notary Services

Local Notary Services

    Signature and Notary Authorization
    The Consular Section can authenticate signatures on power of attorney, declaration and affidavit matters. Alternatively you can sign the documents in front of a local Notary Public. In this case, the documents must be stamped with an Apostille stamp.

    Please note that it is your responsibility to verify with the Official Authority in Israel that signing the document in front of a local Notary Public (instead of the Consul) is acceptable! 

    In both cases it is your responsibility to supply the documentation (power of attorney, etc.) 

    The consul will witness and approve your signature according to your passport only. 

    A meeting needs to be scheduled in advance by phone: 04 - 4399514 or via email: consular@wellington.mfa.gov.il​

    Please bring with you the following:
    1. The document unsigned! (You will need to sign it in front of the Consul).
    2. Your Israeli passport.
    3. NZ$15.50 in cash for each document.