"Shalom Bollywood"
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  • "Shalom Bollywood"

    “Shalom Bollywood” is a journey into a wonderful tale of interfaith harmony in the cultural mosaic that is India.  Few know about the formative role Indian Jews had in the development of the world’s largest film industry. Using film clips from the forthcoming documentary, you enter the colorful and vibrant world of Indian cinema and the unique circumstance that led Indian Jews to play a key role in this industry. Included are archival footages of the great Jewish stars of Indian film: Sulochana, India Pramila, Nadira, and India’s favorite film Uncle, David Abraham. Interviewees include Rishi Kapoor, Shekar Kapur, family of the Jewish stars, and leading professor of Indian film, Rachel Dwyer from the University of London. Danny Ben-Moshe is a documentary filmmaker and professor based in Australia. His films have been broadcast on Australian TV channels ABC and SBS and on TV channels around the world. Ben-Moshe is a regular contributor to media outlets and writes for the Jerusalem Report. 

    Ben-Moshe is an Israeli citizen, having made aliyah in the 1990s and lived in Israel where he headed the Israel office of the British Israel Public Affairs Centre. Ben-Moshe has lectured for the Jewish Agency and also worked in the Public Affairs Dept at Tel Aviv University. He currently lives in Australia and continues to work closely with several academics in Israel.

    Program is FREE and open to the public

    For Information contact: Gail Shirazi 202-707-9897, gshi@loc.gov or Galina Teverovsky  202-707-8814 gtev@loc.gov



    Date & Time:Thursday, 04.18.2013, 12:00 - 13:00Place:Library of Congress, Pickford Theater, Madison Building, 3rd Floor: 101 Independence Avenue SE. Washington, DC 20540
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