Film: “A Place in Heaven”
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  • Film: "A Place in Heaven"

    This quasi-Biblical, epic drama spans the history of Israel through 40 years and three wars, yet, like Madmony’s previous film Restoration, at its heart it is about father-son relationships.  

    When the brave, much admired officer dubbed Bambi returns to base after a daring mission, the cook’s assistant, a young rabbi, tells him enviously that he has earned a place in heaven for endangering his life on behalf of his Jewish brethren. As a secular Zionist, Bambi scoffs at this notion and notes that he would gladly give up that place in exchange for his favorite spicy omelet. Since religious law permits the trade of such an abstract concept, the cook draws up a contract.  

    Such impulsive behavior, typical of the arrogant, young Bambi, proves to have long-term consequences. Like the flawed heroes of the Old Testament, Bambi registers as achingly human; never more so than in his relationship with son Nimrod, who rejects his expectations and turns to other father-figures in order to forge a life of his own as a religious Jew. 



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