Benji Lovitt
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    What do you know about being a (Jewish) American in Israel? 

    Benji Lovitt's hilarious stand-up comedy about life in Israel is a must-have user guide for anyone considering a visit to the Holy Land. He spans the entire “Israel journey”, from the initial feelings of euphoria when arriving on your first trip (“Omig-d! Everybody’s Jewish!!!”), to the complicated and sometimes frustrating emotions of a new immigrant (“I don’t know how to read my bills but if I don’t open them, they don’t exist.”) Benji will make you laugh out loud as explains everything from El Al's security to Jewish holidays, and exactly what makes American and Israeli Jews different from each other.

    Join us before the show to learn about short-and long-term ways you can get to Israel, and how to find the funding to get you there, all while noshing on delicious Israeli food!

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    Date & Time:Thursday, 02.28.2013, 19:00 - 21:30Place:Washington DCJCC: 1529 16th St NW Washington, DC 20036
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