Being Sephardic in the Modern World: Three Views from Contemporary Israel
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  • "Being Sephardic in the Modern World"

    "Being Sephardic in the Modern World: Three Views from Contemporary Israel"

    Lecture by Dr. Joseph Ringel


    Come hear the views of three Israeli Rabbis on what it means to be Sephardic today: The view of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, the view of Rabbi Meir Mazuz, and the view of Rabbi Eliyahou Zini. Each of these Rabbis comes from a unique background.


    Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef was born in Iraq, grew up in Israel, was rabbi in Egypt, and worked his way up the system in Israel to become the Sephardic chief rabbi (Rishon le-Ziyyon).   

    Rabbi Meir Mazuz grew up in a prominent rabbinic family on the island of Jerba off the Tunisian coast and now heads Yeshivat Kisse Rahamim in Bnei Brak.   

    Rabbi Eliyahou Zini grew up in Algeria and France, and is now rabbi of the Technion and head of Yeshivat Hesder Or Vishuah in Haifa.   


    Each of these Rabbis has a unique vision for the rejuvenation of Sephardic Judaism in the modern world. Find out why these visions are not only important for Israeli Sephardim, but are important for all Jews in America today.


    Light refreshments will be served

    Wednesday, April 24, 2013   7:30 pm ​


    This event is made possible with support of the Sally & Irving Korobkin Education Fund  

    Joseph Ringel is an associate professor of Israel studies at the University of Maryland this academic year, and previously taught in the Jewish studies program at Drew University's Department of Religious Studies. He received his PhD from the Dept. of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at Brandeis University, where he served as a fellow at the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, in August of 2011. His dissertation, entitled The Sephardic Rabbinate, Sephardic Yeshivot, and the Shas Educational System, deals with the reconstruction of Sephardic identity in Sephardic religious schools that service Jews of Middle Eastern origin in the State of Israel. His articles have appeared in The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World (edited by Norman Stillman), among other publications. He is currently working on publishing articles based on his dissertation and on a manuscript for a book on the social-intellectual history of Sephardic religious culture in Israel. Prof. Ringel’s research interests include the Jewish communities of Islam, rabbinic responses to modernity, and the experience of Sephardim and Mizrahim in the State of Israel.


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    Date & Time:Wednesday, 04.24.2013, 19:30 - 20:30Place:Magen David Sephardic Congregation, Rockville, MD
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