Dan Arbell

Dan Arbell

  •   American University

    U.S.-Israel Relations; Israel's Strategic Environment; Israel's Place in the Middle East

    Dan Arbell, a scholar-in-residence at the Department of History and Center for Israeli Studies at American University in Washington, is a 25-year veteran of the Israeli Foreign Service, serving in senior posts overseas in the UN, the United States and Japan, and holding senior positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Headquarters in Jerusalem.

    Notably he was Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Washington D.C and worked as Ambassador Michael Oren's second in command for nearly three years (2009-2012). In the 90's, he served as Ambassador Itamar Rabinovich's Chief of Staff and a member of Israel's negotiating team with Syria (1993-1996). From 2001-2005, Dan served as the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Israeli Embassy in Tokyo, Japan. Back in Jerusalem (2005-2009) he was Acting Head of the North America division at MFA. He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Bachelor's degree from Hebrew University in World History and Political Science.

    He's a frequent guest speaker and lecturer in public for a nationwide focus on his areas of expertise which include the U.S.-Israel relations, Israel's strategic environment and challenges, and Israel's place in the changing Middle East.
    Dan is married to Sarit and together they have four children.
    Contact: dsarbell@gmail.com