Shlomo Hasson

Shlomo Hasson

  •   Hebrew University
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    Shlomo Hasson Shlomo Hasson

    Israel's Geopolitical Dilemma: A Jewish and Democratic State Within Defensible Borders; The Future Borders Between Israel and the Palestinian Authority; Jews and Arabs in Israel: Scenarios and Recommendations

    Shlomo Hasson is a full time professor at the department of Geography, School of Public Policy, and the Leon Safdie Chair at the Institute of Urban and Regional Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His main fields of interest are geopolitical studies, urban and socio-political studies, urban and regional planning and strategic planning. He has published 30 books and monographs and about 100 articles. Among his books are State, Religion and Society in Israel, Sustainable Jerusalem, Between Nationalism and Democracy, Arabs in Israel: Barriers to Equality, Jerusalem in the Future: The Challenge of Transition and Future Borders between Israel and the Palestinian Authority: Principles, Scenarios and Recommendations. He is currently writing about the relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel, and is editing a book about the production of space in Israel.