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Adam Harmon

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    Adam Harmon Adam Harmon

    Unstoppable: Making Success Inevitable by Adopting The Core Principles of the IDF; Best Leadership Practices; Counter-Terrorism; How to Lose a Winning Argument: The Political Cost of Failing to  Master the Art of Information Warfare

    Born and raised in New Hampshire, Adam has served with the Paratroopers and a Special Operations reserve unit since 1990. As an expert in counter-terrorism and strategic communications, Harmon has consulted for the US Marine Corps, the US Army, TRADOC, and RAND Corp. He has helped develop US counter-insurgency doctrine, participated in US Army war games and lectured at US military symposiums. He is a regular guest on CNN, Fox and NPR during moments of crisis in the Middle East. 

    In 2006, Random House published his first book, Lonely Soldier: Memoir of an American in the Israeli Army, which describes his experiences with the IDF from 1990 to 2003. The memoir received a Starred Review from Publishers' Weekly, which said “Harmon's voice is so consistent and genuine that it's impossible not to identify with his steadfast journey.”

    Harmon’s next book – Unstoppable: Making Success Inevitable by Adopting the Core Principles of the IDF – will help organizations become more agile, adaptable, resilient, innovative and competitive. Harmon has worked for leading corporations - including Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, and VMware - and delivered over $1 billion in sales forecasted opportunities to clients. 

    Based on his own business experience and interviews with 50 leaders at a wide cross section of organizations, Harmon has identified the critical organizational and culture issues that keep corporations from achieving their business objectives - and built a comprehensive methodology that leads to genuine transformation. 

    The Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) has invited Harmon to speak at their annual Strategy Conference. Leading business schools, including Georgetown and Harvard, have asked him to speak about his research. 

    Harmon can speak frankly about current events in the Middle East based on his expertise in counter-terrorism as well as his deep, personal knowledge of the region's history. In addition, he can provide a fresh perspective regarding the way we work in the 21st century - by showing how the IDF has more in common with Google and 3M than it does the US military.