Tom Leibson

Tom Leibson

  •   The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
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    Nerve Agents: Organophosphates and Carbamates; Common Poisonings in Children and How to Avoid Them.

    Dates in the U.S.: June 14th - December 31st, 2013​

    Dr. Tom Leibson was born in Jerusalem in 1975 and grew up in both Haifa and Jerusalem. He joined the IDF in December of 1993,  initially serving as a Medic and later on as an officer in the medical  core. Dr. Leibson then went to the Goldman Medical School in Ben-  Gurion University from 1999 to 2006. He continued with an  internship and residency in pediatrics, both at the Soroka Medical  Center of Ben-Gurion University. He was trained in Pediatric ward D  and was also mentored in clinical toxicology. ​

    Dr. Leibson has been teaching students since 2005, especially in topics related to pharmacology. He has published several articles in medical journals mainly about organophosphate toxicology.  Active in clinical research, he was employed as co-investigator in the pediatric infectious diseases unit in Soroka Medical Center for 18 months.

    Dr. Leibson is married and a father of two boys ages 6 and 8. He is also a passionate reader of Terry Pratchett's books.