Gal Raz

Gal Raz

  •   University of Virginia

    Israeli Entrepreneurship; Technology and Innovation in Israel; Sustainability in Israel; Israel’s Political System

    Gal Raz is an associate professor of business administration at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. He received his PhD in Business and a Master’s degree focusing on public policy from Stanford University. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from The Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Professor Raz’s research focuses on supply chain management, public policy, innovation and sustainability. His work was published in both academic journals and business magazines, such as The Washington Post, Australia’s Business Review Weekly and CFO Magazine. Prior to joining the Darden School, Professor Raz was on the faculty of the Australian Graduate School of Management in Sydney as well as on the faculty of the Shalom Institute teaching on Israeli Politics and Society and the Arab Israeli Conflict. He was also involved in numerous consulting projects on topics relating to supply chain management, innovation and technology commercialization in Australia, the US and Israel.

    Throughout his career, Professor Raz was involved in Jewish education and Israel issues in Israel, the U.S. and Australia. While in Israel, he worked for the Jewish Agency as a coordinator for international student groups visiting Israel. At Stanford, he was the President of the Israeli student organization where he led educational projects and public affairs activities with other Jewish organizations in the bay area including the Birthright Israel program and the Jewish – Arab – Muslim dialogue group with leaders from the Muslim community. While in Australia, he was elected to the executive of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies, the official representative body of the Jewish Community in NSW and a member of the Public Affairs Committee of the Board. As part of his role, he met regularly with leaders of the Australian House of Representatives and Senate as well as members of the international diplomatic community in Sydney. Since joining Darden, Professor Raz has led a yearly visit of Darden MBA students to Israel on a course focusing on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Israel, where the students work on consulting projects with Israeli start-ups helping them penetrate the US market. He was also invited to and led several conferences on topics related to innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship in Israel such as The Georgetown Israeli Business Conference, and the Darden Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Israel.