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Sam Edelman

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    ​The Arab Israeli conflict: warfare on the campus, Zionism and Jewish Ethnicity, the Changing Arab Political Map
    Dr. Samuel M. Edelman is the Executive Director and CEO of the Center for Academic Engagement of the Israel on Campus Coalition and academic affairs adviser for the Israel on Campus Coalition. 

    He has served as the executive director of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles. He is also a CSU Chico emeritus professor of Jewish, Israel and Holocaust Studies as well as Rhetoric and Communication Studies. 

    Dr. Edelman continues to lecture and teach on subjects such as Anti-Semitism, Genocide, Holocaust and Resistance, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Zionism, the Arab Spring and more. Edelman is the co-Director of the California State Center of Excellence in Holocaust, Genocide, Human Rights and Tolerance Education. Edelman has also published numerous articles and book chapters on the aforementioned subjects. 

    His Ph.D. was from the University of Arizona. His MA and BA degrees were from the Pennsylvania State University, University Park Campus.