Israel Elections 2013 | Today: Diplomats vote in the Israeli elections

Diplomats Voted in the Israeli Elections

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    Michael Oren Votes at the Embassy Michael Oren Votes at the Embassy
    Ambassador Oren Votes.jpg​Elections in Israel will be held on January 22, but diplomats posted around the world will cast their ballots today, Thursday, January 10.

    Elections to the 19th Knesset have officially begun today when more than 4,000 Israeli diplomats and other official representatives of the state of Israel stationed all around the world could place their vote.

    95 polling stations are located in embassies and consulates from Wellington in New Zealand to Los Angeles. A total of 10 ballots are stationed in the US, the largest one in New York with more than 600 eligible voters. 

    Ambassador Michael Oren casted his vote Thursday morning in the polling station located at the Embassy of Israel, where 192 Israelis are eligible to vote. 

    At the end of the election process, all envelops will be sent to Jerusalem, where they will be guarded in a safe until Election Day. In January 22, After the polls close in Israel, the votes of diplomats and representatives abroad will be counted together with the votes of the general Israeli public.

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    Michael Oren Voting 2.jpg 
    Ambassador Oren casts his vote at the Israeli Embassy
    (Photo: Embassy of Israel, Washington DC)​

    The voting ballot at the Israeli Embassy (Photo: Embassy of Israel, Washington DC)