Technion, Cornell Hi-Tech NYC Grad School

Technion, Cornell NYC Hi-Tech

  •   Technion, Cornell Chosen to Launch Hi-Tech NYC Grad School

    Technion-Cornell NYCTech Campus expected to generate $23 billion in economic activity over the next three decades.

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    ​A partnership between Cornell University and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology will establish a world-class, high-tech graduate school in New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Monday.

    “Thanks to this outstanding partnership and groundbreaking proposal from Cornell and the Technion, New York City’s goal of becoming the global leader in technological innovation is now within sight,” said Bloomberg. “By adding a new state-of-the-art institution to our landscape, we will educate tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and create the jobs of the future.”

    A new analysis forecasts that the NYCTech Campus will generate $23 billion in economic activity over the next three decades, 20,000 construction jobs and 8,000 permanent positions. It is also expected to generate 600 new companies with up to 30,000 permanent jobs.
    "Our pride and our hopes for the future are shared by the whole Technion community of students, faculty, friends and supporters, including the very successful American Technion Society," said the Technion President Lavie. "Together, we have the means, ingenuity and willpower to make our world a better place by joining with Cornell University and the great people of New York City for this innovative new center of learning and enterprise."
    Earlier this year, Technion professor Dan Schechtman was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry.