PM Netanyahu: Breaking Pact with Hamas is a Step Toward Peace

PM Netanyahu on Meet the Press, NPR

    ​Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke publicly this weekend about the long-term consequences of President Abbas’s unity government with Hamas, a terrorist organization that calls for Israel’s destruction. Israeli intelligence has confirmed that our three boys, Eyal, Gil-ad, and Naftali, were kidnapped by Hamas. Hamas leaders have continued to encourage incitement and celebration for the kidnapping of these three innocent boys who have spent the last ten days in captivity.

    On Meet the Press yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the kidnapping, saying that “You can’t talk about peace with Israel and be in a government with Hamas that kidnaps Israeli teenagers.” He re-emphasized this statement on NPR this morning by stating, "The end result of this should be not only to try to bring back these teenagers and to apprehend their direct killers but also to break away from this pact with Hamas that can — is a giant step backward from peace.”

    Prime Minister Netanyahu also addressed the ongoing negotiations over Iran’s nuclear weapons program, telling David Gregory, “The most important goal in the Middle East is to make sure Iran does not have nuclear weapons capability.”