IDF minimizes civilian casualties

Taking Every Measure to Avoid Civilian Casualties

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    Leaflet for Gaza civilians Leaflet for Gaza civilians Copyright: IDF Spokesman
    Like in all operations, Israel has taken the utmost care to protect uninvolved civilians during Operation Pillar of Defense, even while rockets have continued to fall on Israel. The IDF has dropped thousands of leaflets prior to striking an area, and Israeli Air Force pilots are always on the lookout for innocent civilians, ready to abort vital operations in an effort to save lives.

    "Israel takes every measure to avoid civilian casualties," said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "Hamas deliberately targets our children, and they deliberately place their rockets next to their children. Despite this reality, and it’s a very difficult reality, Israel will continue to do everything in its power to avoid civilian casualties."

    The task is not an easy one, as Hamas has intentionally used the civilian areas of Gaza as staging grounds for their attacks on Israel. Knowing that the IDF wishes to avoid civilian casualties, Hamas places its own civilians in the line of fire in order to hide and protect its own operations. 

    Since the start​ of Operation Pillar of Defense, the Israel Defense Forces has dropped thousands of leaflets in Arabic over Gaza with this message. While Hamas' goal is to kill Israeli civilians, the IDF does everything that it can to avoid Palestinian civilian casualties.

    Leaflet dropped over Gaza.


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