Film about Ilan Ramon airs next week

Ilan Ramon Film Airs Next Week on PBS

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    Ilan Ramon Ilan Ramon Copyright: NASA

    ​A film about Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon will air next week in the Washington area. The film tells the inspiring story of Israel's first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, who was on the ill fated Columbia shuttle as well as the miraculous story of the miniature holocaust Torah which accompanied Ramon on the mission.

    The film, entitled "Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope," will be broadcast on the local PBS Channel MPT 22 and MPT HD at 9:00 P.M. on February 5, 2013.​ 

    From the Film's website: "It is a unique story that interweaves the heights of scientific achievement, the depths of a nation’s cruelty, the private grief of a boy who came of age during the Holocaust, and the public mourning of many nations in the aftermath of the Columbia Shuttle disaster. To fulfill the promise that a boy in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp made during the Holocaust — to use the Torah scroll to tell the world what happened in the camp — comes Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope, an hour-long film exploring the journey of the Torah from pre-World War II Europe, to Israel, to the United States, and to space. Combining historical and ethical inquiry, the film reaches across faiths and nationalities to tell a truly human story."

    The film will be also broadcasted on the PBS network throughout the country starting on January 31. For more information about the film and scheduled broadcasts in the US: 


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