Fast Company: 10 Most Innovative Companies in Israel

10 Most Innovative Companies in Israel

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    Business Magazin Fast Company ranks the 10 most innovative companies in Israel, as a part of its annual guide to the state of innovation in US companies, where it lists "the businesses whose innovations are having the greatest impacts across their industries."

    The first spot goes to "Soda Stream," the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of DIY home carbonation systems, selling its brands in more than 60,000 retail outlets in 45 countries. The company's products offers an alternative to Coka Cola and Pepsi and threatens to disrupt the soda industry providing an alternative to bottles.

    The rest of the companies on the list:

    2. Xsight Systems - For their FAA-approved FODetect, using hybrid radar and electro-optical technology to detect debris on airport runways.

    3. Waze Mobile -Gathers map data and user-submitted information from its nearly 30 million app users, and provides recommended routes, traffic updates and even fuel prices in real time.

    4. Galil Software - a Nazareth-based leader in onshore outsourcing of R&D and software services, employing about 150 Arab engineers.

    5. Agricultural Knowledge Online - AKOL’s Agro Cloud solution enables monitoring of fruit, vegetable, dairy, poultry and meat production. 

    6. TaKaDu​ -  Provides water utilities around the world with real-time detection of water leaks, bursts, zone breaches, and inefficiencies, using existing data and its own algorithms.

    7. Kaltura - Offers an open-source HTML5 video platform that is used by more than 150,000 web publishers, media outlets, and education services

    8. InSightec - The company combines MRI and ultrasound technologies in curing patients without ​having to operate.

    9. Pythagoras Solar - creator of the world’s first transparent photovoltaic glass units, with windows delivering solar power, while producing their own natural light to eliminate the need for artificial lighting during the day.

    10. Better Place - The innovative company is working to make electric vehicles accessible and reducing global oil dependence

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