Emerging Strategic Relationship of Israel, Greece, and Cyprus

Groner on Relations with Greece and Cyprus


    Israeli ​Minister of Economic Affairs Eli Groner shared a panel today with Congressman Brad Schneider, Greek Ambassador Christos Panagopoulos, and Cypress ambassador George Chacalli, at the Hudson Institute. The four discussed the emerging strategic relationship between the three countries. 

    While discussing the energy policy emerging from Israel, Minister Groner said “Some would say that our export policy formulation has been excessively deliberate….but it’s not every decade that an opportunity like this comes along, and the impact on Israel cannot be overstated. My friends: the impact of these natural gas findings is, proportionately, roughly three Israeli budgets, so the stakes are high.”

    Groner added: “I’m here to tell my American friends that we are all part of the American alliance which reflects shared values. It is VERY important to us that US interests in region be protected.  And they will be. And it is VERY important to us that the Israel/Greece/Cypress relationship be strengthened. And it will be.”​​

    When asked about US involvement in the region, Groner said “For those of you that are concerned over what exactly will get exported, rest assured that we are very aware that the most critical thing is ensuring a market. And we will ensure that there is a market. There are a variety of export options, and an intriguing range of domestic use possibilities.”