Amb. Oren Joins Band on the Drums

Amb. Oren Joins Pop Band on Drums

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    Michael Oren Playing the Drums Michael Oren Playing the Drums
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    ​On February 7, a dinner and a performance were held at the Ambassador's Residence featuring "My Favorite Enemy," a band that blends traditional Middle Eastern music with contemporary music to create a unique sound that’s sung in Arabic, English and Hebrew.

    The band played to a diverse audience of 60 guests, among them were Christians, Jews and Muslims, State Department officials and local members of  peace organizations.

    Ambassador Oren joined the band for an encore, playing the drums and getting into the spirit of the music.

    My Favorite Enemy is a collaboration between top selling Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, American and Norwegian songwriters and recording artists. The group is working together since 2009 and  bridges the traditional musical influences of the Middle East with contemporary pop and rock songwriting and production.

    The Band's website:

    Photo Credit: Yosi Lazarof