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    The Israeli music scene is diverse, dynamic and eclectic. It spans across all spectrums of musical genres and often fuses many musicals influences ranging from classical, folk,  Ethiopian, and Middle-Eastern, to rock, jazz, hip-hop, electronic, Arabic, and pop.

    Classical music in Israel has been part of the vibrant music scene since the 1930s when hundreds of music teachers and students, composers, instrumentalists and singers, as well as thousands of music lovers, streamed into the country from Europe. The founding of The Palestine Philharmonic Orchestra (today the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra) in 1936 marked the beginning of Israel’s classical music scene. The Russian immigration in the 1990s boosted the classical music arena both with new talents and music lovers.
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    • ​The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1936 and its inaugural concert, on 26 December 1936, was conducted by Arturo Toscanini. 
    • In 1998, Israeli transsexual Dana International won the Eurovision song contest and became a global star. Her song, "Diva", was since chosen as the 14th greatest Eurovision song ever. 
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    • Apart from being an important historical site, The Roman Theater in Caesarea, often hosts concerts by major Israeli and international artists.

    • Popular Hip hop band Hadag Nahash uses music to display political cynicism. One of their most famous hits is "Shirat Hasticker ("The Sticker Song" in English), written together with Israeli novelist David Grossman. The song's lyrics are an amalgamation of slogans seen on Israeli bumper stickers.

    • World-class music events in Israel include the International Harp Contest and the Artur Rubinstein Piano Competition.

    • The Israel Festival is a multidisciplinary arts festival held for a few weeks every spring in Israel. The festival was founded in 1961 by Aaron Zvi Propes as a summer music festival taking place in the ancient Roman theater in Caesarea. 

    • The Idan Raichel Project​ is a popular Israeli musical group led by musician Idan Raichel, offering a blend of Ethiopian musical heritage, Middle-East soul and liturgical influences, along with electronic elements.  The Project performs in Israel and abroad, and was honored as the “Musical group of the Decade” in Israel in 2010.
  • ​Many of the newcomers to Israeli music's pop scene have emerged through the TV program Kochav Nolad (A Star Is Born), Israel's version of American Idol.

  • Infected Mushroom is an Israeli Trance Duoformed in Haifa in 1998 by the two producers Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevan. Their most notable achievements include their 1999 breakthrough album, The Gathering, which gained immediate attention on dance floors around the world. Their critically acclaimed and highest-grossing album Vicious Delicious, catapulted the duo onto new levels. 

  • Itzhak Perlman.jpgItzhak Perlman is a famous Israeli violinist and conductor born in 1945. He is regarded as one of the most internationally acclaimed violinists of the 20th century and has played at The White House and Kennedy Center, amongst other various international venues. 

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