Life in Dignity, Social Security and Access to Resources

Working Committee on Ageing

  •    Life in Dignity, Social Security & Access to Resources
    Thank you, Madame moderator.
    I would like to thank the panelists for the presentations on this important topic, that is so central to ensuring the rights of older persons.
    Israel goes to great lengths to assist older persons, working to ensure that they live in dignity and have their basic needs met. The Israeli legal system has a variety of rules and laws in place to protect their rights.  All older persons living in Israel are entitled to an old age pension. Their income is supplemented by the National Insurance Institute so that it meets a minimum threshold. Nearly 10% of Israel's population is aged 65 and above. Many groups within this population receive additional aid to meet their special needs, including the approximately 200,000 Holocaust survivors who live in Israel.
    The National Health Insurance Law of 2002 guarantees all residents of Israel a basket of health services free of charge or at very low cost.
    Israel has in place a number of programs that provide job opportunities for older persons, including competency training and job placement. These programs provide extra income, contribute to the self-esteem of older persons, while providing a social environment and sense of belonging.
    Perhaps the panelists could share their views on best practices on employment for older persons. In particular, practices that can address the great challenge of reentering the workforce after long-term unemployment.
    Older persons who elect to work past their retirement age are entitled to receive an additional supplement to their old-age pensions from Israel's National Insurance Institute.
    The Secretary-General's report was concerned with the fact that poverty rates tend to be higher among older persons. Israel continues to develop programs that alleviate these concerns within the country.