Academic affairs

Academic Affairs

    The mission of the Office of Academic Affairs is to foster cooperation with the academic community by making available Israel-related information, programs, and speakers to campuses in Canada. The department works together with a variety of community and academic groups, including students, faculty, departmental, and professional associations.
    In addition, the Office of Academic Affairs promotes study abroad and student exchange programs, both in Israel and Canada. Israeli Universities and Research Institutes are some of the leading academic institutions in the world. They have gained international recognition as a premier place to study and work. Israeli Universities work with and develop new leaders in the business and science communities, and are known for expansive innovative research in green technology and bio-medical devices. In addition to the many achievements in science and in technology, Israeli Universities and Colleges have a strong presence in the arts and humanities, drawing from the cultures of Israel’s diverse population.
    Please contact Laura Grosman at if you would like assistance in bringing Israel to your campus.