Professor Shechtman får Nobels kemipris

Nobelpris till Israel

  •   Professor Shechtman får Nobelpris ur Kung Carl XVI Gustafs hand
    ​Israel får 6 Nobelpris under 10 år​​​

  • Professor Shechtman tar emot Nobels kemipris ur Kung Carl XVI Gustafs hand (Reuters)
    Israels 10:e Nobelpris gick till Professor Dan Shechtman, Technion. Israel Institute of Technology, för upptäckten av s k kvasikristaller.
    Det är endast två år sedan den israeliska forskaren Ada Yonath från Weizmanninstitutet fick Nobelpriset i kemi för sitt arbete med ribosomer. 2004 fick Avram Hershko och Aaron Ciechanover från Technion, Nobelpris i kemi. 2005 vann Robert Aumann Nobels ekonomipris och Daniel Kahneman 2002

    The President greeted the Ambassadors for the New Year and during his address spoke about the peace process and the recent events at the United Nations. He stressed that the regional danger has never been greater while at the same time peace is so attainable. The President reiterated his recent calls for Abbas to return to the negotiating table. He said: "I call upon Abbas, the President of the Palestinians, for whom I have much respect and sympathy, and I must say here and now that I think the present leadership of the Palestinians is the best we could have, and say: Let's start. Let's start in two ways, openly and quietly. We have to do these two things in a parallel manner. Let's not waste time. We are in an unfinished and undecided situation in the Middle East."

    The President added that framework and timeline provided by the Quartet to start and advance the negotiations is important and can lead to peace.

    The President also used the opportunity to sharply criticize the United Nations and said he felt deeply ashamed that Ahmadinejad is invited to the United Nations. "For an Israeli to see him on the stage of the United Nations is revolting. It is actually the antithesis of the United Nations. He calls for the destruction of Israel, he threatens to use his strength, he denies the Shoah (Holocaust), and he acts against the basic aims and philosophies of having a world organization that is trying to overcome conflicts and introduce a new tone. He is a dangerous man and still heading terror activities here, supplying weapons to Hamas and Hizbullah."​