Israel-Singapore Ties

Israel-Singapore Relations

  •   A Symbol of Global Solidarity
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    The relations between Singapore and Israel are rooted upon shared values and perceptions. The right of existence of small countries has always been mutually perceived as of vital importance, thus contributing to the formalization of the bilateral ties. And indeed, Israel has held a representation in Singapore since its earliest days, taking formal shape in 1968.

    Other shared understandings include the comprehension of the necessity to develop wide international trade relations, in order to overcome geographical limitations. This shared view led to a significant growth in mutual cooperation. Singapore is a hub for Israeli business and regional trade, while a growing number of members of both business communities seek opportunities for joint operations in biotechnology, IT and software industries, where both countries relative advantages are most valuable.

    Several bilateral agreements provide a solid framework for substantiating cooperation in areas such as healthcare, investments and technological research & development, highlighting the Governments’ efforts to further deepen ties to the benefit of both peoples.
    Cultural exchange has been accentuated by encouraging the participation of Israeli artists in international events in Singapore, cultivating a broad interest in Israeli performing arts in areas such as dance, art, theatre and music. The yearly Film Festival has grown to become a cornerstone in the structured framework of activities.
    Israel cherishes the long-standing friendship with Singapore as a symbol for global solidarity and support for human prosperity and world peace.