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Shalom Shalom! Kindly note that consular services will not be available tomorrow, 21 Oct 2014. Click here for details.
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Hanukkah Lighting at the Ambassador's Residence

Israel's ambassador to Singapore, HE Ms Yael Rubinstein held a Hanukkah Lighting reception at her home
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Welcome Message

Ambassador Yael Rubinstein is serving as Ambassador of Israel to Singapore since September 2013.

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Embassy of Israel in Singapore
24 Stevens Close
Singapore 257964

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+65 6834 9200

Fax: +65 6834 9299

Monday To Thursday ​

08:30 - 17:00


08:30 - 14:30 

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  • Latest Happenings

    • Hanukkah 2014!

      The modern home celebration of Hanukkah centers around the lighting of the chanukiyah, a special menorah for Hanukkah; foods prepared in oil including latkes and sufganiyot; and special son ...
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    • Afternoon Tea with David Grossman

      David Grossman is considered one of Israel's most perceptive writers and it was the Embassy of Israel in Singapore’s pleasure to have him hold a sharing session hosted by Israeli ambassador ...
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    • 22nd Israel Film Festival

      The Israel Film Festival is a celebration of Israeli culture, with the aim of enriching the Singaporean vision of Israeli culture and society. With this in mind, we pride ourselves on showc ...
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    Did You Know?

    Israel is the second most educated country in the world!
    Israel is the second most educated country in the world, according to a new report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Known around the world for its techno ...
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