Israel at the Air Show

Israel at the Air Show 2012

  •   Defence Minister Visits Singapore
    The official inauguration ceremony of the Israel National Pavilion took place last week, at the presence of Brig. Gen. Shmaya Avieli, Director of SIBAT and Defense Ministry Director General Udi Shani headlined by a very special guest - Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak.
  • H.E Mrs Amira Arnon with Israel's Defence Minister Mr Ehud Barak at the Opening Ceremony of the Israeli Pavilion.
    Among the 22 national/group pavilions spread over 50,000sqm of covered exhibition space included Israel’s pavilion which boasts nine companies under SIBAT, the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s defense export and cooperation division. On top of the household names of Elbit, IAI, IMI and Rafael, the Israeli Pavilion this year includes participation by Aeromaoz, Hydromechanical Engineering (HEC), Kanfit, MTC Industries and Research, and Plasan.
    Exhibitors at the Israel Pavilion are displaying displayed a huge variety of defense systems, including active defense, unmanned systems, intelligence, command, control and communications (C⁴ I), as well as advanced technologies spanning electro-optics, aerostructures, micromechanics, precision electromechanics, and logistical support subsystems.
    Israel, a staunch supporter of its Asian allies, invests in cooperative development of defense systems providing mutual security, technological gains and significant export prospects for all partners involved. It’s no secret that the combination of Israel’s technology innovation and Asian competitive aerospace market has always proved to be a winning match.
    To meet the constantly evolving standards of the Asian aerospace market, Brig. Gen. Shmaya Avieli, SIBAT’s director Avieli highlighted the ability of Israeli industry to rapidly develop tailored solutions to suit any customer: “The close connection between the IDF [Israel Defense Force] and the industry creates a situation whereby the development, and the response to needs, is one of the fastest in the world.”