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    ​A*STAR offers 3 joint Ph.D. and student attachment programmes to international students. They are: the A*STAR Research Attachment programme - ARAP (, the Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award - SIPGA ( and the Singapore International Graduate Award - SINGA (


    ARAP is designed to facilitate collaboration between researchers in the overseas university and in A*STAR.  A typical model would have a PhD student who remains matriculated at the University of Copenhagen, jointly supervised by a University Professor and an A*STAR researcher, doing 1-2 years of research in an A*STAR research institute in Singapore.  An A*STAR stipend is paid to the student for the period he/she is in Singapore.  Miscellaneous research costs of the PhD work done in Singapore could be borne by the A*STAR Institute where the work is done.


    The SIPGA programme provides 2-6 month internships in an A*STAR Institute for later year undergraduates or Masters students.  The student works with a supervisor, usually as part of a larger project, in an A*STAR research institute.  A*STAR is a research organisation rather than a university. As such it does not operate to academic semesters and the students can arrange to do the internship at any time of the year, subject to the concurrence of the Institute supervisor.  Admission to this programme is on a competitive basis.


    SINGA is a partnership between A*STAR, the Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore, offering a full PhD scholarship to international students who wish to do an entire PhD in Singapore. The work leading to the PhD may be conducted in an A*STAR Institute or at the two universities.  Upon successful completion, students will be conferred a PhD degree by either of the two Singapore Universities. 


    More information can be found in the attached brochures for your perusal. For further related queries on these joint programmes, please feel free to contact Ms Catherine TEE (