Galilee Institute to train experts on water, to halt the desertification in South West Africa

Israeli technology to help African desertification

  •   Galilee Institute to train experts on water, to halt the desertification in South West African countries

    ​The Galilee Institute, in Israel and Midland State University (MSU), in Zimbabwe recently signed an agreement to train experts on water management. The study period will be of a 36 week duration includes six weeks in Israel at the Galilee Institute Study Centre on Kibbutz Mizra.

    The agreement was signed during the visit of GIMI President Dr. Joseph Shevel and Mrs. Carina Baum, Director, Centre for Higher Education, GIMI to Zimbabwe in July. Their visit included meetings with several Presidents of Universities in Zimbabwe (all Graduates of Galilee Institute) regarding the design and delivery of a number of joint programmes. 

    The Water Management Programme (open to post graduates) will be offered to SADC countries (Southern African countries including: Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania   and Botswana). The Faculty will be comprised of Israeli experts together with local lecturers from the five nations that are participating in the programme. During the period of studying in Israel, students will visit Israeli companies specialising in water management; conservation and recycling. The programme is scheduled to open in early 2014.

    Zimbabwe’s Western Region and Eastern Namibia is gradually becoming a desert as farmers abandon farms and migrate to cities. This is the same as in many other African countries and some cities "explode" as a result of the emigration of farmers. This is one of the most serious problems of Africa today and the consequence of climate change in these areas.
    Pictured: President of MSU, President of Galilee Institute Mr. Joseph Shevel and Mrs. Carina Baum at MSU University, July 2013.