Fish Farming in South Africa

Fish Farming in SA

  •   Israeli experts come to SA to teach Fish Farming

    ​Two MASHAV experts arrived in December 2011 to the South African community of N’wamitwa to offer a 10-day on-the-spot course on Fish Farming.

    The course aimed to train the participants on breeding Tilapia - a fish characterized by its large size and rapid growth and for being an excellent source of protein.

    The two Israeli experts focused on building a sustainable integrated aquaculture and agricultural model to assist the community achieve food security and generate income.

    The fifteen students were trained in the theory and practical art of breeding.

    One of the trainees, Ms Kedibone Masondo, said she was very happy the project came to their village. "This would be a good chance for us to be able to create our own employment", she said.

     One of the new dams that will be used to breed Tilapia Fish at N'wamitwa