Congo Aid

Embassy sends aid to Congo

  •   Israel's Embassy in Pretoria sent medical supply to aid Congolese blast victims
    ​Specialised burn care is critically scarce in the wake of a series of ‘catastrophic’ explosions from an arms-depot blast in Brazzaville, Congo last Sunday. The death toll passed the 250-mark last night with reports of up to 4,000 people injured.
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    ​Israeli aid should arrive today after the Israeli Embassy in Pretoria teamed up with the DFA, MDA-SA, (Magen David Edom - South Africa) MASHAV & Levtrade to ensure aid arrived with the Red Cross as fast as possible. Hospitals are overwhelmed with injured burn victims and so as many corners were cut as possible to ensure this shipment of life-saving specialised dressings arrived, literally, a.s.a.p.!

    “The initiative was facilitated by the Israeli Embassy in South Africa and the embassy referred MDA-SA as the proper channel to convey the Israeli humanitarian aid. 

    As Mark Hyman,” chairman of Magen David Adom in South Africa explains,

    The embassy liaised with Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on the one hand, and MDA-SA on the other.

    The MFA arranged for a considerable donation of funds from the Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) – while the MDA sourced and paid for the urgently-required “Burnshield” dressings in SA – to be reimbursed by MASHAV.

    Magen David Adom is an affiliate of the Red Cross, to whom the palette of dressings has been sent – via Kinshasa to Brazzaville – for logistic reasons.

    “Since many of the estimated 4000 people injured in the blasts suffered severe burns,” explains Hyman, “the shipment mainly comprises materials supplied by Burnshield, which specialises in products dealing with such injuries. It will be used by the International Red Cross, of which "Magen David Adom", the national aid society of Israel, is a member.”

    MDA-SA then approached Levtrade, the distributor of Burnshield products. The company’s director, Joel Levy, even assisted with the shipping.

    Mark Hyman said that “the initiative formed part of the State of Israel’s on-going humanitarian relief work on behalf of disaster victims worldwide.”

    He was gratified, he said, that his organisation “was able to play a meaningful role in assisting to bring crucial aid to fellow-Africans on behalf of both Israel and MDA-SA.”

    For further information on how you can help, contact:

    • Embassy of Israel, South Africa , Mrs. Hila Stern, Spokeperson: 012-470-3504

    • Ambassador Yoram Elron, Ambassador of Israel to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, Gabon and Madagascar: + 972-2-5303514

    • Ambassador Daniel Carmon, Deputy Director General and head of Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation ("MASHAV"): +972 50 620 3020

    • Mr. Mark Hyman, Chairman of MDA-SA: 011 882-0128/078 803-2134