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    between Israel and South Africa.

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    South Africa and WATEC

    The Trade and Economic Office of the Embassy of Israel is organising custom made tours for
    South African businessmen and women which include one-on-one meetings with innovative
    companies and site visits to see technology in a real world environment at the upcoming WATEC
    water technology conference between 22nd and 24th October 2013

    The Israeli water market is internationally recognized as highly developed, having benefited from
    many years of experience in managing scarce water resources. Moreover, the national industry is
    widely regarded as a nexus of world-class expertise in the water field. WATEC presents the
    perfect opportunity to hear from and meet a range of growing water, energy & environment
    companies seeking a combination of partners, investment and professional services to develop
    their companies.

    For more information please contact Michael Shapiro on +27 11 783 9605 or

    New Ambassador sees significant trade opportunities

    Welcome Ambassador Lenk! The new Ambassador is excited to be here and by the wealth of
    possibilities that he sees for Israeli-South African trade opportunities. Ambassador Lenk speaks
    about the possibilities in his Citizen op-ed here. Read more about Ambassador Lenk on our
    website and Follow him on his Facebook page.
    Innovative Israeli Companies seeking partners in SA

    The Trade and Economic Office of the Embassy of Israel received requests from a number of
    innovative and successful Israeli companies who are looking for local partners in South Africa.
    Below is a description of some of the Israeli companies that are looking for local partners.
    For information please contact the Embassy’s Trade Office on +27 11 783 9605 or send an email.

    Shneor Seed
    A Leading supplier of virus resistant vegetable seeds is looking for a distributor in South Africa.
    The vegetables have high yield and a long shelf life. More information is available here.

    Eldir Plastics

    Eldir Plastics is one of the world’s leading and most dynamic plastic products manufacturers
    specializing in variety of storage containers. Eldir are looking for distributors in South Africa.
    Eldir's website is here.
    Medical Personnel Course in Israel

    Come to Israel and participate in an Israeli government sponsored course in Trauma Management
    at the renowned Rambam Hospital in Haifa.
    Physicians, nurses and paramedics involved in the organization and treatment of trauma can
     join the Mashav (Israel’s International Development Agency) sponsored free course on “Developing
    and Organizing a Trauma System and MCS Organization” that is taking place between 23 March
    & 4 April 2014.
    Israel is one of only a few countries in the world with more than 60 years of experience in preparing
    its health care system to deal with mass casualty situations and this course will provide insights and
    experience which can be utilized in South Africa.
    For more information and application details please click here.
                                                              Start-up of the Month: Free Mobile Phone calls!

    Free phone calls from your mobile phone? Who wouldn't want that? Viber is an Israeli company
    that provides you with exactly that - free phone calls, texting, photo and video messaging.
    Founded in 2010, it now has more than 200 million users in more than 193 countries and has
    expanded from its iPhone presence to Android and other platforms. Its younger demographic and
    proprietary “stickers” service has proved very popular, differentiating it from other platforms.
    Viber’s website is here.
    Innovative Israel: Curiyo
    Two thirds of Africa’s online activity takes place in South Africa. So why not utilize a new Israeli
    add-on to maximize the amount of information you can get in the fewest number of clicks?
    The latest product from the Israeli founder of does just that.
    Bob Rosenschein named his new startup Curiyo because “we curate information from across
    the Web and put it together for you,” Read more about Curiyo here.
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