Policies, Strategies and Support Systems for Rural Revitalization
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  • Policies and Strategies for Rural Revitalization

    Economic growth and development have been largely unkind to rural areas and their residents. Processes of urbanization, trade liberalization, government investment elsewhere and industrialization have left many rural areas in developing countries and countries in transition with limited income or employment for rural residents. The international training Policies, Strategies and Support Systems for Rural Revitalization is designed to approach these difficulties by identifying channels for rural development and revitalization, specifically through diversification of economic activities; improvement of social services; the establishment of an effective system of support for economic and social development and strengthening agriculture production.  
    For full information on the course, please see the below link to the document​:


    Date & Time:Monday, 13.01.2014 - Wednesday, 05.02.2014Place:Weitz Center for Development Studies, Rehovot, IsraelOrganizer:Jean van der WesthuizenTel:012 470 3504Email:dcm-sec@pretoria.mfa.gov.il
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