Management and Use of Marginal Water Resources for Agricultural and Domestic Use
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  • Water Resources for Agricultural and Domestic Use


    Water is a fundamental and irreplaceable resource for all life on earth. Growing world populations have led to growing water needs resulting in water supplies in many regions unable to meet demand - the result: water scarcity. In the face of growing water scarcity, the management of alternative water sources for agricultural and domestic use has become a necessity. The treatment and reuse of marginal water resources (sewage water, contaminated water, saline water and seawater) are now understood to be essential for meeting the growing water needs of the world's population.
    This training program, to be held at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies' (AIES) Center for Sustainable Development, located on Kibbutz Ketura in the south of Israel, provides an opportunity for mid-level professionals from the private, non-profit, agricultural and public sectors to gain knowledge about the basics for the management and treatment of marginal water resources for agricultural and domestic use.

     ​For full information on the course, please see the below link to the document​:​

    Brochure - Marginal Water Resources.docxBrochure - Marginal Water Resources.docx




    Date & Time:Monday, 02.12.2013 - Tuesday, 17.12.2013Place:Kibbutz Ketura, Arava Institute, IsraelOrganizer:Jean van der WesthuizenTel:012 470
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