Advanced Workshop on Hydrometeorology
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  • Advanced Workshop on Hydrometeorology

    Since Israel was successful with developing an efficient Water Management System, despite its inherent water scarcity, the growing demands of the population and the possible impact of climate change and variability, many of the methodologies and techniques developed during the years could be used also to support development and improvement of existing and planned water resources management systems in other parts of the world. These methodologies and techniques will be presented to the participants in a combination of classroom lectures, discussions, exercises, demonstrations, field trips and round-table discussions.


    For full information on the course, please see the below link to the document​:​

    Brochure - Advanced Workshop on hydrometeorology.docxBrochure - Advanced Workshop on hydrometeorology.docx



    Date & Time:Monday, 02.12.2013 - Thursday, 12.12.2013Place:Shefayim, IsraelOrganizer:Jean van der WesthuizenTel:012 470
  • Advanced Workshop on Hydrometeorology
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