A comprehensive drug control strategy
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  • A comprehensive drug control strategy


    Drug abuse is a global problem. It destroys lives and communities and affects people world wide, in all countries. Drug abuse has devastating social and economic consequences for all members of the community and society.  Over the years, it has become clear that the drug problem needs to be addressed both in terms of demand and supply reduction, interconnected issues which must be incorporated as part of an integral drug control strategy. 
    Governments are increasingly establishing integrated demand and supply reduction approaches and strategies, however, in many cases there is still a lack of coordination between relevant agencies.
    Israel would like to share some of its experience in assisting other countries to incorporate demand reduction approaches into their national drug control strategies, while emphasizing the essential need for effective cooperation and coordination between the relevant government ministries and non-governmental entities involved in the battle against drugs.
    For full information on the course, please see the below link to the document​:​
    Date & Time:Monday, 11.11.2013 - Thursday, 12.12.2013Place:The Aharon Ofri International Training Center at Ramat Rachel Hotel, located in the outskirts of Jerusalem.Organizer:Jean van der WesthuizenTel:012 470 3504Email:dcm-sec@pretoria.mfa.gov.il
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