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Culture Department

  •   An Overview
    The Culture Departments goal is to bring the vitality and dynamism of Israel's contemporary cultural and artistic life to South African audiences.

    Israel’s many faces are showcased by its flourishing creative community which exhibits a broad spectrum of talents and has a courageous and unique voice. Continually pushing the boundaries of their art-forms, Israel’s artists provoke self-reflective and communal examination and inspire social change, while expressing the beauty of the people and the state of Israel. Israel is a country made up of a wide variety of ingredients, creating a cocktail that whilst sometimes spicy, is never bland.



    ‘Action’ in the Israeli filmmaking is more than just a filming direction, it represents the essence of Israeli film, the fast-forward moving industry, the expression of its talents and the activism of its subjects. Explore



    As only a few people understand Hebrew, Israeli dance creates a universal language. Building bridges and opening a channel of understanding, Israeli dance has the power to say everything without saying anything at all. Explore



    Since Israel is made up of at least 70 traditions, each marching to its own beat, Israeli music sings an abundance of different tunes ranging across the whole musical spectrum, which when fused together, create a harmony, dynamic and bold, varied and new. Explore


    What colour is Israeli art? What texture? What shape? Integrating East and West, past and present, presenting a mixture of social and cultural influences, Israeli art is a collage, vivid and varied, innovative and fresh. Explore



    Words can connect, words can divide. Words can bring joy or they can make one cry. Made up of a mosaic of realities, Israeli literature takes the reader on unforgettable journeys, introducing them to characters, who once met, stay behind long after the last page is turned. Explore



    From fringe to repertoire, tragedies to comedies, the old to the new, with original works and adaptations performed in an array of languages, Israeli theatre embraces the spectrum of Israeli society. Explore



    With schools and institutions covering film, theatre, art, music, literature and dance, Israel’s Arts Education creates the artists of tomorrow, today. Explore

    IL Music Festivals


    Come rain or come shine, all year round, there’s a festival waiting for you. Explore
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