Tourist Visa Information

Tourist Visa Information

    Tourist Visa Information​​
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    A South African citizen holding a valid South African passport does not need to obtain a visa prior to traveling to Israel. A tourist visa, valid for a 3-months stay, will be issued upon entry to Israel.
    HOWEVER, Legal residents of South Africa holding a valid Re-Entry Permit, Temporary Passport or a Refugee travel document must apply for a visa at the Consulate.

    Other nationalities must inquire at the Consular Dept. regarding specific visa requirements.
    Please contact 012 470 3511.
    General requirements for obtaining a tourist visa
    1. Complete Application Form.

    2. 1 current passport photo (5cm x 5cm).
    3. A valid passport or travel document for 6 months or longer from the date of departure from Israel.   

    4.  Return or onward flight ticket or itinerary.

    5. Letter from your bank stating that you have sufficient funds for your stay in Israel, as well as your bank statement for the last 3 months.

    6. Letter from employer.

    7.  Reservation information of hotels or address where you will stay in Israel.

    8. A minor under the age of 18 must present a notarized letter from both parents permitting him/her to travel.

    9. A processing fee of exactly R270 per visa. Please note that visa fee is non refundable.

    10. Optional – if you wish to receive the passport back through mail, enclose a pre-paid stamped envelope for postage. Otherwise, courier services are recommended.
    Fees must be paid in cash, or by direct deposit into the Embassy's bank account. In case of deposit please add applicant's name as reference.

    Kindly send all the above to us either with a courier company to our physical address, or by registered mail to our Private Bag.

    For security purposes you are requested to inform us as to how you sent the documents i.e. the name of the courier company and the waybill number, or the register tracking number. Unknown or unidentified mail will not be accepted and returned to sender.

    Yours truly,