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    Israel Agency for International Development Cooperation (Hebrew acronym: MASHAV) has been active throughout the developing world since the late 1950s, assisting countries to alleviate problems of hunger, disease, and poverty by means of technical training and technology transfer.
    Today, faced with growing technological challenges, MASHAV's programs encourage trainees to find their own solutions to problems and adapt them to their respective cultural and social values, economic potential, natural resources and regional priorities.
    Below is a listing of some of the courses for 2015. Please keep checking this page for an updated list. When applying, kindly note the application deadlines.
    Effective immediately, the MASHAV office in Nairobi has ceased accepting hard copy applications for MASHAV courses in Israel.
    The following are the Essential instructions for filling in the MASHAV Application Form. Failure to follow the instructions will make your application non-compliant and therefore it will not be considered:
    This application form MUST be filled in the language of the program (English, French or Spanish), and accompanied by the following:
    1.       Completed and approved medical certificate form (the form must be signed and stamped by a Medical doctor) – DO NOT send other additional unsolicited attachments such as yellow fever certificate; separate sheets of HIV results, lab results etc
    2.       Certificate of language proficiency (If the language of the program is not your mother tongue or the official language of your country).
    3.       A Copy of your RELEVANT HIGHEST academic degree certificate obtained (in English or translated to the language of the program) – Please note we ONLY need the RELEVANT and HIGHEST.
    4.       A passport photo attached to the application.
    5.       TWO letters of recommendation from present employers or relevant affiliation – ONLY two letters are required and each letter MUST NOT exceed one page.
    6.       The application forms should be sent to the MASHAV office at the nearest Israeli Embassy not later than the indicated application deadline in the course brochure.
    Once you have the above requirements, please scan them into ONE (PDF format) document and send them by email to
    Hard copy application sent to the embassy will not be considered and will be discarded.
    Requirements for the scanned application:
    1.       SHOULD be legible and of high quality( 300 dpi )
    2.       The preferred color mode is White & black or gray – than colored (reduced size)
    3.       The size of the pages should be A4
    4.       The maximum size of your application once scanned should NOT exceed 3MB
    Important to NOTE:
    1.       Should the MASHAV office require any further information, you will be contacted and  informed and asked to send the information or supporting documents
    2.       A STANDARD application, once scanned, should not have more than 13 pages
    3.       Candidates are HIGHLY forbidden from sending  unsolicited materials / information such as copies of: birth certificates – your or your children’s, marriage / divorce certificates, passports / identity cards, appointment letters from employers, HIV certificates, bank statements etc.
    4.       Hard copy application sent to the embassy will not be considered and will be discarded.
    Applications sent to the embassy without following the above instructions to the letter will also be discarded. 
    (Download the MASHAV Application form and click on the course name to download the brochure for the course)
    For further information or enquiry about MASHAV contact the MASHAV Officer on  or +254 020 4927520