Israel and Uganda

Israel - Uganda

  •   Israel - Uganda Bilateral Relations

    Israel began its activities in many African countries before they became independent, and Uganda was one. Israel and Uganda had enjoyed a good relationship until Amin’s self-declaration of his presidency after which there was a break in Israeli-Ugandan relations which lasted a full 22 years. Ties were renewed in July 1994 by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. At this time, he signed an agreement to resume diplomatic relations between the two countries.

    Since 1994 political and economic relations between the two countries have grown. Although for many years it seemed that one man’s terrible influence and horrible actions may have spoiled the relationship, Israel and Uganda have worked to reestablish ties.

    Today, Uganda is just one of many African nations with which Israel enjoys a friendly relationship and where Israeli companies operate in the fields of construction, infrastructure, Hi-tech, communications and IT, agriculture, water management and other sectors. There are joint efforts by the Governments of the two countries aim to ensure the ongoing expansion of these mutually beneficial economic relations.