Rosh Hashanah Celebrations

Rosh Hashanah Message from Israeli Ambassador

  •   Rosh Hashanah Celebrations
    Shalom Dear Friends,
    Starting this Sunday, Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year which ushers in a period of self-examination. We examine our own behavior in the past year, learn from it and resolve to do better in the year ahead.
    I am happy to say that in this past year there is much to be proud of. The Embassy of Israel in Nairobi has worked hard to strengthen political, economic and cultural ties. I hope that next year we will be able to continue to strengthen and deepen our good relations for the benefit of Israelis and Kenyans.
    Back at home, despite the many significant challenges Israelis have continued to face, they have remained as resilient and determined as ever and have continued to build a prosperous and thriving society, while pursuing the hope that we will one day live in peace with all of our neighbors. We also hope that the solidarity and unity that has been characteristic of your community will be as precious as ever.
    To all my Jewish brothers and sisters, I wish you and your families a sweet New Year blessed with peace, health and happiness.
    To the Embassy Staff and all others working to solidify Israel – Kenya relations, I wish a year full of exciting activities that will fortify the ties between the Jewish community, Israel and Kenyans.
    On behalf of the State of Israel I thank everyone for your continued love and support and wish you and your families a new year full of growth, prosperity, and success.
    Shana Tova!
    Gil Haskel,
    Ambassador of Israel.