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    • Growing More With Less (Water)

      Since the 1950s, when an Israeli inventor developed the first modern drip irrigation system, Israeli experts have come up with many new and innovative agricultural technologies for optimal ...
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    • Water recycling technologies in Israel

      Battling water shortage since its inception, Israel is now a world leader in recycling wastewater. With many countries suffering from water shortage, Israel is keen to share its knowledge a ...
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    • This is My Earth: New global initiative to be laun

      This is My Earth (TiME) is an environmental start-up that we have been working on to save biodiversity through the conservation of critical habitats around the world
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    • Israel building world's tallest solar tower

      Israel is aiming to generate 10% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2020. With its ample sunshine, Israel has excellent potential to tap into solar as a renewable energy source.
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    • Knesset caucus for Israel-Africa

      Both as Prime Minister and as Foreign Minister, we are making a deliberate African strategy, and I've received an invitation from the President of Kenya and from others to come and visit Af ...
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