MASHAV and NACADAA Cooperation

MASHAV & NACADAA Cooperation

  •   Israel and Kenya to Cooperate in Preventing Drug and Substance Abuse
    The NACADA Authority National Coordinator / CEO, Dr. William Okedi, held a meeting with Embassy Officials on 10th July 2012 to push for enhanced cooperation with the state of Israel in dealing with the issue of drug and substance abuse in Kenya. The Israeli Deputy Ambassador, Yaki Lopez, said Israel is committed to strengthening its partnership with NACADA Authority in its effort to bridge the gap of knowledge about drug and substance abuse.

    Israeli Deputy Ambassador, Yaki Lopez (Right), receives promotional materials
    from NACADA Authority CEO, Dr. WIlliam Okedi.
    NACADA Authority has in the past collaborated with the State of Israel through its Agency for international Development Cooperation (MASHAV) in various ways, among them being capacity building where various staff, such as the NACADAA Treatment and Rehabilitation Manager and senior Programs Manager, has been to Israel since 2009 to participate in specialized courses in Israel. These training have been offered by MASHAV on scholarship basis.
    In 2010 MASHAV offered technical support to NACADA Authority by holding an on-the-spot training in Kenya where 25 participants from key institutions were trained, by experts from Israel, on prevention of drug abuse through the school system.
    Through exchange programs, the Israel's Anti drug Authority in the year 2010 facilitated a bench marking visit to Israel for NACADA's staff and board. The facilitation was in terms of identifying visit sites.
    The Embassy has been active in participating in NACADA Authority's programs with the most recent being the Private sector CEO's meeting held at the Panafric Hotel in March 2012 where the Mashav Officer, Maureen Sifuma, represented the Embassy and introduced a scholarship to Israel on "Comprehensive Drug control strategy" in which NACADAA’s staff participated.