Israeli leaders congratulate US President Obama on election

Israeli Leaders Congratulate US President Obama

  •   Israeli Leaders Congratulate US President Obama on Election
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    President Peres congratulates US President Obama on election
    (Communicated by the Office of the President)
    Dear Mr. President, Dear Friend,
    On behalf of the people of Israel and in my name, I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to you and to the American people on your being elected for a second term. It is a triumph for the American democracy.
    Israel and America are bound together by the values and principles that they share, and the ties of friendship that link our two countries and people are historical and unbreakable.
    Mr. President, I thank you for your unprecedented commitment and support for the security of Israel in your first term. I know that the United States, under your leadership, will continue to do so in the future, facing the Iranian nuclear challenge in the way you have outlined, as well as working together to achieve peace with our neighbors.
    Mr. President, you represent the future. Your success will be the success of us all.
    Please send my personal congratulations to Micelle and the girls.
    With high regards and admiration,

    Shimon Peres
    * * *
    PM Netanyahu congratulates US President Obama on election
    (Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)
    Prime Minister Netanyahu congratulated US President Barack Obama on his election victory. The Prime Minister said, "The strategic alliance between Israel and the US is stronger than ever. I will continue to work with President Obama in order to assure the interests that are vital to the security of the citizens of Israel."
    On Wednesday afternoon, Prime Minister Netanyahu met with US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro:
    Prime Minister Netanyahu: "I want to congratulate President Obama on his re-election. I think the United States of America again demonstrated why it's the greatest democracy on earth. The security relationship between the United States and Israel is rock solid, and I look forward to working with President Obama to further strengthen this relationship and I look forward to working with him to advance our goals of peace and security.
    So I want to congratulate him on behalf of the people of Israel. The President, First Lady, Vice President and Mrs. Biden, their families and the people of America. Congratulations."
    Ambassador Shapiro: "Thank you. Mr. Prime Minister, on behalf of the President, Vice President and the American people, thank you for those good wishes. Americans are very proud of our democratic system and values and our free elections. Obviously Israelis share those values. The President has enjoyed close security cooperation with you and your government in his first term and we look forward to continuing it in the second term."
    * * *
    FM Liberman congratulates President Obama on his election victory
    (Communicated by the Foreign Minister's Bureau)
    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman congratulated the President of the United States, Barack Obama, on his reelection. FM Liberman declared that Israel, together with President Obama, will continue to preserve and nurture the great friendship between the two countries and peoples, a friendship based on common values, and will continue to work with the United States to strengthen the State of Israel and safeguard its vital strategic interests.
     * * *
    DM Ehud Barak congratulates President Obama on his election victory
    (Communicated by the International Media Adviser MOD)
    Defense Minister Barak: "I have no doubt that the Obama administration will continue its policy - whereby Israel's security is at its very foundations - as well as its efforts to tackle the challenges facing all of us in the region; all the while continuing to strive for further progress in the peace process."